Snowbird Homewatch

Leave your home in the hands of a trustworthy team. You can enjoy your time in the sun while we take care of your most prized personal possession, your home!  At Abigail’s Concierge, we provide a home watch program for the duration of your flight south. With a variety of visit options - once a week (recommended) or twice a month. 


Pet Sitting

If you are a pet owner and haven’t heard of pet sitting, you are in for something special.  Pet Sitting is an alternative to kenneling your pets. As professionals we offer pet visiting right in the "Comfort of your Home”. We will follow the routine and frequency you specify, as closely as possible.  Your pets will stay in the environment they are familiar with and therefore, they will eat their same food, sleep on their own beds; and smell and hear the same sounds they are accustomed to.


Vacation Homewatch

Enjoy your family vacation knowing you can concentrate on having fun instead of worrying whether you turned the heat down or locked the front door. We'll collect mail, water plants, meet vendors etc. We are happy to work with you to accommodate needs unique to your home.


Vacant Home Watch

An empty home is open to vandalism, theft or unauthorized use; these risks make most homeowners' insurance companies unwilling to cover unoccupied homes. Insurance laws in most regions release the home insurance company of any responsibility for claims on vacant homes after an extended period of time. We don’t just do a walk through, we follow a standard protocol and checklist, take pictures and then provide you with a complete report after every visit.





Below is our standard checklist which is followed with a thorough, detailed report, and when necessary pictures and maintenance recommendations after EVERY inspection. 

  • Rotate lights on/off (for added burglary deterrent) - replace bulbs as needed
  • Visual inspection of interior walls, ceilings, floors, cabinets and closets for leaks, mold, vermin
  • Check that refrigerators and freezers are maintaining temperature
  • Ensure that screens, windows and doors are secure and security system
  • Bring in mail, newspapers and fliers accumulating on driveway or at front door
  • Ensure that the home remains in cared for condition. Attend to repairs, yard and home maintenance when needed *
  • Inspect perimeter of home and property for signs of trespassing
  • Ensure all gates and out buildings are locked and secure
  • Check and clear debris off of porches and driveway
  • Act as the emergency contact for security alarms * 
  • Test outdoor lighting – replace bulbs when necessary
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