Whether you’ve bought your dream vacation home, investment property or want to convert your current home into a vacation rental there is the process of setting it up to maximize its potential to attract and thrill guests while staying within a reasonable budget.

We’re always happy to consult and advise if you’re a die hard do it yourselfer or just really enjoy decorating.

But if not, we’re also here to step in, roll up our sleeves and get to work.


FYI- WE LOVE, LOVE, LOVE setting up homes and are really good at it!




ROADMAP: We follow the provided the Inventory Checklist keeping in mind your homes individual needs, size and current furnishings.


TIMEFRAME: Until your property is properly staged, furnished and stocked we cannot market it. We are experts at shopping quickly and efficiently so depending on the size of your property we can typically turn it around in less than a week for smaller properties and 2-3 weeks for larger properties.


BUDGET: We are in the business of partnering for the long term with our Homeowners and not in spending lavish amounts of money on expensive furniture or art. Although it’s important to meet expectations in order to deliver an amazing guest experience that doesn’t mean we can’t do it by shopping our tried and true budget stores, vintage & antique markets and online ads.


BASELINE: We are thrifty and creative, know what works and what doesn’t. What needs to be new and what can be New to You. We’re happy to work with what you have. Whenever we can utilize what you have all the better, saves you money and us some shopping time.


REPAIRS: We can manage almost any aspect of repair or maintenance projects your home needs prior to going onto to the rental market. We work with local vendors and subcontractors that we know and trust or have been vetted or recommended by trusted sources


COST: We charge a flat $35 per hour plus a 15% markup up on purchases and any repair and maintenance projects during the set up process. Toll fees, outside manual labor and rental of Uhaul are also added but not marked up.